Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Very Lilly Christmas

Happy holiday season everyone! Christmas is less than two weeks away and I am in full on preparing mode. For the past four years I've been busy with finals until right before Christmas and never had time to do many festive things. This year I was able to help decorate the tree and house, bake cookies, send out cards (okay, I'm still working on this one), and do a couple craft projects.

Full disclosure: I am not a Martha Stewart type. But I sure try. I decided I wanted to decorate my mini tree with a preppy theme. Of course I need some Lilly bulbs. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars tracking down limited edition ornaments made by Lilly Pulitzer I decided to Mod Podge my own with glass bulbs I bought at Marshall's and paper from my old Lilly agendas.

This was my first Mod Podge project and I was a little nervous the bulbs wouldn't turn out well. The project was much easier than I ever imagined. I was really happy with the finished product so I wanted to share them with you before I put them on the tree.

I also Mod Podged a couple old Birch Box boxes with December agenda pages and gold glitter on the edge. I thought it was cute and perfect for storing left over Christmas cards or gift tags.

I am excited to do some more Mod Podge crafts! What are some crafts you've done this holiday season?

I hope you all are having a very merry Christmas!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Not Your Dad's Camo

I grew up in the country where people actually wear real camo. I probably get judged for my fashion-forward not-intended-for-hunting camo. Oh well. Wearing camo is fun & I'm not going to be apologetic for thinking that.  

I recently saw A Lonestar State of Southern post on camo in the cityIt inspired me to write a post on different ways people style camo pieces. Here's some of my favorites:

Camo Sweater

Pink Camo Dress 

Camo Sweatshirt

Some serious microfashion inspiration. 

There a five ways you can wear camo without looking like you shop at Cabella's (although I do love Cabella's). What are some of your favorite camo pieces that I've missed?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

25 Things I Wish I Would Have Known In College

College is over. I graduated last May marking the official end of my undergrad years. I avoided posting about it to prevent nostalgia, but now that it's been a few months I feel much more secure and wanted to share a fun list of things I regret not knowing three or four years back. 

  1. He isn't your soulmate. It probably seems impossible to believe right now, but you will find better.
  2. Don't wear your nice clothes to a party. I've snagged sweaters, scuffed boots, stained dresses, and lost a really depressing number of earrings. I consider myself a pretty put together party-goer, but even the most responsible person will lose the ability to protect their precious fashion after a few Coors Lights.
  3. Join an activity. Intramural basketball, student government, Greek life, underwater basket weaving, or whatever. Find what you love and be passionate about it. I joined the debate team without realizing how it would completely define who I was during college, but it did.
  4. Take a PE class every semester. This is probably the one time in your life you will have free access to any workout class you want - take advantage of that! Plus it's an easy way to pick up some extra credits so you don't have to take Intro to Anthropology your last semester. And it'll help keep you in shape :)
  5. You have no idea what you want to be when you graduate. Many people do so props to them! But most of us will change career paths over the course of college. When I was 18 I was confident that I wanted to go to law school and now I can't imagine anything more painful. 
  6. That professor actually wants you to come to office hours. They're there because they like teaching. Showing interest in their lectures by asking additional questions or just chatting about the topic during office hours will get you big points. In many cases it's the difference between a B and an A. But to be honest getting to know your professors is worth much more than a grade. It made me feel successful, valued, and connected me to the school on a deeper level. Sometimes it's stressful or just pain hard to find the time, but I put it off regularly and now regret that.
  7. There is good in everyone. You will be more happy if you search for the beauty in others.
  8. You aren't fat. Let me repeat: you ARE NOT FAT. And if you are, that's okay. The day I realized no one dislikes me because I could afford to lose fifteen pounds was the day college became much more fun. If your friends judge you for your size than they really suck and you should find new friends - you're better than that. *hair flip*
  9. Do things outside of your school. My junior year I became active in a church downtown, away from Lewis & Clark. Having a community away from school was refreshing and helped give me perspective on the real world (aka outside academia).
  10. Don't count on the library printer working ten minutes before class. It won't.
  11. Making friends will never be more easy. You're surround by thousands of people your age that just want to have fun. Don't be shy! One of my bestfriends and I met Sophomore year when I was going through a rough time and eating alone in the dining hall. She asked if she could sit with me and instantly became one of the most important people in my life.
  12. If there's free food or t-shirts go.
  13. Call home. Most people say one a week or so. For me, this was once every day or so. Staying connected to family and friends is important. When school life is rough it's really nice to have a secondary support system.
  14. McDonald's doesn't serve hamburgers and fries until 10:30. If you're like me and not a McD's breakfast food person this is important hangover information.
  15. Get an internship. Living in the country made summer internships impossible for me. If you can find one, do it. Experience will be more important post-graduation than the degree.
  16. You'll outgrow those friends you met during Freshman orientation week. I remember eating in the dining hall about three weeks into classes with the group of eight friends I deemed "my friend group" four days into college. By the end of our senior year the group couples all split up, drama ended many friendships, two of them had transferred to different schools, and by graduation my dorm roommate deleted me off Facebook (I'm still not sure why...). There is only one person out of that group of eight I am still friends with and there was a two year period where we didn't hangout. Don't get me wrong, you'll make amazing friends - just remember it might not be the people you first assumed would be those friends.
  17. Take pictures! That whole thing about missing the moment is a lie. You'll appreciate having lots of pictures. My Canon was the best investment I ever made.
  18. You can rent textbooks for free through the library. Instead of buying a $75 book that you only need to read one chapter of try to check it out through the library. You can even copy that one chapter so you have it after you return the rental.
  19. Don't forget to return rentals. Those late fees are painful.
  20. God has it all planned. Learning to follow His Grace is one of the most important things you can do to help your future. I didn't join a church until my junior year and it changed my life. Don't lose sight of your faith.
  21. Go to campus events. You're paying for that stuff so go and enjoy it! And I promise you'll never have this many free opportunities again.
  22. Don't over do it. It's probably okay to drop that random Logic class you signed up for if you're in over your head (this happened to me first semester and there has been zero repercussions beyond how much better it made that semester).
  23. You'll miss babies and old people. For four years you will be surrounded by almost exclusively people around the age of 20. Hearing from people younger or older than you will become so refreshing.
  24. Date, but don't let dating define your college experience. I went on a few dates and regularly dated one guy my senior year. The only part I regret is once I skipped a friend's party because my boy-person didn't want to go. Don't let a boy hold you down.
  25. College is about being selfish. Learn who you are and find who you want to be. And most importantly, have fun.

I wish I would have known all of that from day one. But if we're being honest, learning the 25 things above made for a lot of life-changing (and fun!) experiences.

For those of you who are an upperclassmen or college graduate: what makes your things-I-wish-I-would-have-known list? And for you folks newer to college, feel free to ask questions! I might have some advice :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Favorites

Happy March everyone! This is always a busy month for me. Here's a brief list of what I have going on over the next couple weeks: my mom's birthday, my birthday, a few other birthday's as well, two national debate tournaments in Kansas City, midterm galore, and spring break. It's going to be tons of fun, but also really stressful.

The combination of March stress and my need for new spring clothes always ends with me doing an absurd amount of shopping. I've already been scouting my potential purchases. Lately I've been obsessed with dresses so that's mostly what I've been searching for. Here's a list of what I'm eyeing right now.

If you have any cute dresses you've found make sure to share them with me!


I lovee chambray and off-the-shoulder dresses. This is seriously perfect. Wouldn't it look adorable with a pair of cowboy boots?? I just need it to go on sale so I can afford it - please and thank you.

Lauren James

I was so excited for this to come out. It's so sweet and perfect. The pink is my favorite. Unfortunately the dress started selling out almost immediately. I assume they'll get more in stock so I'll just have to wait. :(

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines has a lot of cute spring tops this year. This one is my fav because - tassels. They're so fun and cute. I want basically everything I see that has tassels. The ruffled sleeves are also adorable and really popular right now.


Here's some more tassels for you. This dress is pretty cheap so I'll probably buy it soon. I have a feeling I'll wear it a lot this spring. It would also make a great over-up.

That's my wish list right now. What spring items are you in love with?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Rainy Daze + Giveaway

We've been spoiled with gorgeous weather in Portland this year. I've been loving it. (Despite this early spring triggering my pollen allergies - like I've been sneezing to the point where it's genuinely embarrassing to go out in public.) Unfortunately it seems like the traditional gloom is back for a while. I love this city, but the weather really gets to me. The trees are beautiful and the rain isn't that bad, but I miss open skies and sunshine. Between debate nationals coming up and graduation not long after I've been really stressed lately. The last thing I need is clouds to bum me out.

But when you're feeling down ... wear monograms. And bright colored accessories. It's like medicine you can wear. So for any of you that might be feeling rainy day blues, I have a giveaway for you!

Emily from eolsendesigns is a complete sweetheart who makes adorable monogramed bows. Who ever wins the giveaway will win a custom bow. Head over to her Etsy page to check out all the bow options.

I have been a huge fan of her bows for a while. There are alot of people who sell bows on Etsy but I genuinely think hers are the best quality. She does a fantastic job. There's also alot of options like material and thread color, block or script monogram, as well as clip style choices. In addition to bows she also makes a variety of other products. I've only bought bows from her before but I am dying over this cosmetic case (sooo cute).

Good luck in the raffle and I hope the weather is treating you well!

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lilly For Target

The other day I received an influx of texts from friends asking if I had heard the announcement about Target's upcoming Lilly Pulitzer line. Target and Lilly are two of my favorite things so I am ecstatic. Carly from the College Prepster went to the big release event in NYC and posted some insight about the line, which confirmed my excitement. The clothes look adorable but I'm most looking forward to the unique dinnerware and decor.

This table setting has my heart:
The College Prepster

Not all Lilly lovers shared my excitement. This surprised me. Apparently part of the the line's appeal is being elite and snobby - or something like that.

This reaction seems fairly ridiculous.

It's disappointing that anyone would be against the clothes becoming more accessible.

I will admit Lilly is overpriced and I generally refuse to buy it full price, but it isn't terribly exclusive to be honest. Thousands of middle-class females across the United States own neon shift dresses. Target has yet to release the line's prices, but it's unlikely that they'll be cheap. I imagine dresses will be around $60 if not more, which is substantially cheaper than $300+ but close to popular re-sell value.

More importantly, if you're interest in Lilly is related to price-related exclusivity you should re-evaluate your priorities. Fashion shouldn't be about finances. It should be about style, self-expression, and happiness. In a recent article Lisa Birnbach, author of The Preppy Handbook and True Prep, stated that she believes Lilly herself would be very happy about the increased availability of the line:

“What surprises me—besides how emotional and snobby people are being about this—is that I don’t think Lilly Pulitzer would be disappointed at all,” Birnbach told Boston.com. “I think she’d probably be very keen on it. I spent time with her in Palm Beach a few years ago, and she was very pleased that her clothes had become more popular under the new ownership. She was, I think, a Democrat in the social sense of the word.”
If the idea of cheaper Lilly still has you grumpy you can relax. Lilly for Target is just that, Lilly for Target. The main line will still be better quality and iconic prints will still be exclusively at boutiques. No one will mistake your YGR Callahans for being from Target. They will still be as fashionable as before. I honestly can't think of a reason anyone should be upset.

Regardless of how you feel, it's happening so you might as well be excited.

The line consist of over 250 pieces ranging from dresses, scarves, beach wear, and shoes, to decor, and house ware. The Target patterns are different but all embody the classic Lilly vibe - pink, orange, and beachy all over. One of the coolest parts of the line is that it'll be offered in plus sizes which Lilly Pulitzer currently doesn't offer.  EDIT: A few days after announcing the Lilly for Target line Target clarified that they will only offer plus sizes online. This kills a little of the excitement I had for plus sized Lilly. I expect the line's plus size sales will be higher than they originally expected. 

You can find Lilly at your local Target starting on April 19.

How do you feel about Lilly being at Target? What are you most or least looking forward to? 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Go Too Far

This post is pretty far off subject, but consuming my life right now. Hopefully some people have been through similar experiences and can provide a word or two of advice

Finals are approaching and that means so is my final semester of college. Come Mother's Day weekend I will walk on stage to receive a diploma in front of my family. The closer graduation day comes the more I question what it means to be a college graduate. Where will these four years of dedication and hard work lead me? Will that diploma be enough for someone to give me a chance, or should I take the GRE and go to grad school? What type of jobs am I qualified for? These questions have my head spinning. 

I love studying Rhetoric & Media Studies. My strongest skill is my ability to think critically and analyze problems -- a skill I think is very valuable. When it comes to applying the credentials of a Rhetoric & Media Studies degree to the job market I get a bit nervous. I am no longer interested in journalism or public relations. I am not sure exactly what I want to do, but it's hard for me to confidently apply for jobs that aren't directly related to my major. Plenty of people find careers outside their field of study, but how? The journey to where I want to be isn't the straight path I had planned when I was a freshman, and there is no roadmap directing me there. 

The longer I ignore job applications the more I become scared. I know it's time to polish my resumé and contact potential employeers. However the idea of rejection is intimidating. What if no one sees me as potentially valuable? I basically have myself convinced that I should set my sights on Starbucks (although that might not be a bad idea ... #StarbucksLuvr). The reality of it is even if no one wants to hire me I have to try. I have to accept the possibility of rejection if I want any chance of meeting my dreams. It sounds cliché (because it is), but my chance of succeeding relies on finding the courage to accept failure. Some employers won't be persuaded by my application, but hopefully some will. I have a feeling if I do find a good job I will quickly forget about all the times I was turned down. 

But still ... applying for jobs is scary. I can be positive, but I won't understand the reality of career searching until I face the process. There is no way to know if how high I should set my goals.  My currently place of comfort is to apply for jobs I know my degree 100% qualifies me for and ignoring competitive positions. Am I trying to go too far?

The truth is I don't know the answer to the questions my head is spinning over. In fact, I'm not even sure where to find those answers. What I do know is that I am prepared to navigate myself through adulthood with confidence the support of those around me. Success is out there somewhere and even though I may fail before I find it, through following God's Grace I know I can get there.

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