Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Wishlist

1. C.Wonder Tote | I was about to invest in a Longchamp tote until I saw this on C.Wonder for substantially cheaper. It's made of nylon so you won't have to stress about the rain ruining it, it holds alot, and looks classy; it's a perfect everyday bag for college students.

2. Kate Spade "Susannah" Dress | This dress has won my heart. It is adorable, and so incredibly out of my price range. I am hoping it will end up on sale. Or a really amazing boy asks me out on a date worth justifying the purchase. A really amazing boy.

3. J.Crew Camo Vest | Camo? I know, I know. My country roots run deep, and after seeing how cute Sarahbelle93 wore it I need it in my closet.

4. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Eye shadow is never part of my make up routine, but all the hype over this palate has made me interested in trying it out.

5. Frozen | I have been excited about this movie for a year. Everyone keeps comparing it to Tangled which I loved. My mom and I have been planning to see it together since Thanksgiving and I think we're finally going to get around to it on Tuesday. (#singlewhitegirl)

6. Vineyard Vines Plaid Shep Shirt | Shep Shirts are a little obsession of mine. They are so so cozy. It's actually kind of embarrassing how often I wear mine. I already own three, but am dying to get my hands on this one. It sold out so fast though.

What are you wishing for this month?

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