Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Debate Nationals 2014: Flagstaff, AZ

I had an absolutely amazing season with my debate team. I started a new partnership with Hannah who is a Freshman. She is extremely intelligent and more importantly she is dedicated. The partnership worked out really well and we both grew a lot. After feeling a huge growth in competitiveness this spring I was fairly disappointed with our personal performance at nationals. Okay, really disappointed. I tried hard to hide my feelings but I cried into my coach's shoulder for a bit and then binge ate Sour Patch Kids alone in a bathroom (because that was obviously the solution). The disappointment only lasted for about thirty minutes before I was again focused on helping my teammates win and excited for next season. 

This is Hannah and myself in our team prep room between rounds. Acceptable partnership names include: #TeamAdorable #TeamCutest #TeamSweetheart #TeamCuterThanYou #TeamAlwaysHappy
One of our senior partnerships won the first first nationals tournament (there are two back-to-back) which made it hard to be anything than proud that week. It was a huge honor for everyone in the community to have a female-female team win the championship.

So proud of these girls. 
One of the best parts about nationals week is just having fun with my teammates and friends. This year we traveled to Flagstaff, AZ and competed at Northern Arizona University. I love getting to travel to places for debate tournaments that I might otherwise never visit. We took advantage of being in the area and spent an afternoon visiting the Grand Canyon. It was absolutely beautiful.

Unlike my ridiculous teammates I refused to sit on the actual edge of the canyon.

Myself, Hannah, and our amazing coaches. Three of my favorite people in the world.

Lewis & Clark colonizing America.

Every debate season ends with a super fun get together at the hotel. I look forward to this party all year long. This year it certainly didn't disappoint.

One of those sleepless nights. 
After seven years I have one year left of competing in debate. I am going to do everything I can to make it the best season yet. With Hannah, my coaches, and my lovely teammates by my side I am completely confident in that happening.

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