Sunday, April 13, 2014

Twenty One

I somewhat recently turned 21 and it has been amazing. I had been excited about my upcoming birthday but I really didn't anticipate how great being able to go to bars would be. It has completely changed my social life. Not that I go out drinking every night. It is just really nice to have a drink with dinner or to have somewhere to go after 7 o'clock. In Portland everything closes really early except bars.

I spent most of my day doing debate work with my teammates, but we definitely made time for some Mimosas. My debate partner, Hannah, has her birthday the day before mine so it was a joint celebration. We're pretty adorable together. (Please excuse my socks in the picture below.)

My brother happened to be in town on business the day of my birthday and took me out to Portland City Grill. The food was delicious and there is no one else I would have rather spent the evening with.

I had a huge tests the next day so no, nothing too wild happened which I am really happy about. It was a perfectly lovely day. No regrets. 

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