Saturday, May 31, 2014

How To Clean Your Longchamp

After seeing Longchamp's spring line full of fun pastels I finally committed and bought a large Le Pliage bag. Many people carry a Le Pliage as their everyday bag. I bought mine with the intent of using it to hall around my laptop, pens, water, etc. at debate tournaments. When I am stressed looking put together is the only thing that keeps me from falling apart and a clunky backpack will ruin any outfit.

I am utterly obsessed.

To my surprise I have been carrying my Longchamp every where. I use it for class as well as my casual purse. I love it. The only downside thus far ...

After only having it for a couple months it looks like it has been through hell (I did carry it in Vegas so that could explain it …) with various stains all over. I scrubbed it and scrubbed it, but these are the kind of marks that won't come off with a rag and soapy water. Everything I read online told me the same thing -- throw it in the wash. (WHAT? No. Definitely no.) My instincts told me that sending my nylon and leather bag through the wash was a bad idea so I ignored the advice and continued to carry the stain-covered bag. After another month the bag was looking more and more dingy. I decided to bite the bullet and wash it.

The good news is that all the advice was correct! You can totally throw your Longchamp in the washing machine. The bad news is that the process is still scary no matter how much the internet tells you it's okay. This post is intended to easy your anxiety about washing your Longchamp.

Here's how I cleaned mine:

This before picture doesn't do the dirt justice. 

1. Try spot cleaning first. Use soapy water, a Tide To-Go pen, or whatever your secret stain-remover is. Most marks will come off this way and I imagine your bag will wear out much faster if you throw it into the washing machine regularly. 

2. Put stain remover where needed. I swear by Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, but use whatever you normally do. (Note: I noticed my bag had the slightest bit of fraying in a spot so I clipped that before washing. You might want to check and do the same.)

3. Set your washer. This is the part to be most careful with. Wash in in cold water for the least amount of time possible. If your machine allows you set it to a slow spin cycle as well. This will prevent the leather from getting wore out.

4. Let it wash. I sat in front of the washer scared to death for all 19 minutes. You can let your anxieties float away, because I promise you your beloved bag will be fine.

5. Air dry it. Use a cloth to dry the inside and gently dry the leather. After that I hung mine on a door knob and it surprising dried fast. 

... and ta-da! Practically brand new.

Let me know how it goes for you!


  1. Did you protect the leather handles with anything before putting it in the washing machine?

    1. Hi Katrina! No I didn't. The leather seems pretty sturdy. It wasn't hurt a bit. Good luck and let me know how cleaning your Longchamp works for you.

    2. Cary - I added a tiny bit (emphasis on tiny) once, but haven't since then. Let me know how it goes!

    3. I washed my longchamp by hand in the sink with liquid tide detergent and rinsed with cold water. I put my bag in the drier on low heat with towels and hung up to further dry. ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS...NO BUBBLING IN THE NYLON.ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND CLEAN. I washed my bag because it was in a cigarette smoke enviorment and I couldn't stand the smell of my bag. The leather flap and handles were perfect. NO change in texture or color.

  2. I just washed my Longchamp in a washing machine. The body part turn out just like new bag, sadly, my leather handle brown pattern coat fall, my handle has no crossing pattern just plain brown leather.

    1. Oh no! That's really strange. I've heard from so many people that their the leather was fine. Was the leather already damaged?

    2. mine turned out fine (leather pattern still there) ..definitely pretreat it first..i didn't in the beginning and it didn't take most of the stain out (washed it for 25 mins)...then pretreat it with Dawn liquid dish detergent with a sponge and washed it in cold for 30 mins and it took most of the stain out....sponge wash it again and it worked (not super clean coz the stain in my bag is somekind of waterproof )

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  4. Putting the bag in the washer absolutely works. In addition, I sprayed it with zout and added a little tide detergent in the washer. The bag looks brand new and all the stains are gone. Thank you!


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