Monday, June 2, 2014

Buy Lilly Pulitzer For Cheap

I love my Lilly. Unfortunately she doesn't quite fit the Northwest-vibe so it's rare to see her colorful patterns around Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia. (Once I saw a strapless Lilly maxi in the spring break section of my local Nordies and almost had a heart attack ...) Not only do I have to buy all my Lilly online, this also means no warehouse sales, boutique clearance racks, or finding fellow Lilly lover's old pieces at a thrift shop.

As a result I've learned a couple ways to shop for Lilly (and other brands) without breaking the bank. You might already be aware of everything I have to share, but hopefully I can help you find a new shopping secret.

Official Sales // 
Lilly Pulitzer puts on three major sales every year. A warehouse sale (WHS) and two online sales. 

The warehouse sale generally takes place around early June near the Lilly headquarters in Pennsylvania. They sell leftovers from the past year, slightly damaged seconds, and samples. The women who shop the WHS often camp out days ahead of time to be one of the first in line. Since it's across the country I've never been, but you should check out this post from a fellow blogger about her experience at the sale.

The online sales take place around the beginning of January and the middle of August. I buy quite a bit of my Lilly from these sales. It is mostly stuff from recent seasons and the prices are good. (Dresses often marked down $200!)

Facebook Resale // 
If you haven't discovered the underground resale world you're missing out. Thousands of women connect through resale groups/pages to trade and sell their clothes. The socially accepted prices are far lower than they are on Ebay (I bought a Wiley top off resale for $12 and Ebay is currently selling the same one for $33). My favorite resale groups are Re-Lilly, Preppy Resale at Exceptional Prices, Perfectly Preppy Resale, Vineyard Vines Addicts, and Kate Spade Resale

Ebay // 
If you're looking for something in an old print this is a good place to look. There is always quite a bit of Lilly on Ebay. The only problem I have is that (in my opinion) the prices are often outrageous for used clothes. Prints colloquially referred to as "holy grails" (Hotty Pink First Impressions, You Gotta Regatta, etc ...) often go for 200%-300% their retail value. 

Check out misspellings by using and you might find some better prices. I do this all the time for different brands (it's amazing how many people spell Vineyard Vines incorrectly). Enough people do the same that usually the prices aren't significantly better, but it's worth a shot. At the very least you'll have more items to browse. 

PoshMark //
If you haven't checked out PoshMark it's similar to Ebay, but a phone app just for reselling clothes. I have quite a few complaints about the app itself, but it is alright and another place to browse for clothes at good prices. If you have anything to get rid of I like selling here because it's so easy.

Online Discount Stores //
Have you signed up for Rue La La? It's a great site that has different featured sales every day. If you aren't a member yet you'll need an invitation, click here. They often feature brand new Lilly at great prices. Try to shop early because they run out quickly. Rue La La has exciting sales for alot of other brands I like too. Just a while back they had a great Jack Rogers sale ... 

Another website to check out is 6pm. They always have Lilly up on their website at decent prices. 

That exhausts my Lilly shopping strategies. I hope it was helpful. 
Do you have any tips for shopping for your favorite brand?

P.S. Portlanders: Check out Mabel & Zora! It's an adorable boutique in the Pearl. They sell all sorts of clothes that I love, but it's especially exciting because they have Lilly. For those of you non-locals Mabel & Zora also have an online store you should check out! Their prices seem to run lower than retail. 

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