Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween, America!

This year Halloween fell on a Friday for the first time since I've been in college. In past years I've stayed home, handed out candy to the neighborhood kids, and did homework like a nerd. I had big plans to do the typical college Halloween thing ... and I ended up attending up at Portland State University listening to philosophers Slavoj Zizek and Jean-Pierre Dupuy speak. A million times more nerdy than doing my Homework. 

All in all I had the privilege of hearing a big-shot academic speak in person for the first time, and I was able to spend a nice evening with some close friends. Sometimes the best plans aren't the biggest ones.

I rarely dress up for Halloween, but for some reason I had the motivation this year. 
This costume might be my favorite thing in the world. Trust me, I will find many opportunities to wear it again in the future.

(Please excuse my disgusting farmer's tan that I try really hard to hide in photos.)

We took the bus to downtown and decided to grab dinner and drinks at Luk Lac. The food and drink I had were delicious! The unfortunate part is that I'm the world's whitest person and had no idea how to order Vietnamese food. My friend Fielding and I had to have the waiter explain what literally everything on the menu was. Finally we decided to get some noodle-thing. Like I said, it ended up being delicious! 

Zizek apparently uses a cellphone #funfact

Pretentious lecture and a slideshow in Comic Sans font. Solid. 

Hearing this two speak was a really cool experience. The content wasn't overly interesting to me personally. JPD decided to shift away from the topic discussion of religion and focus on similar questions about future. As a result hearing them speak together really didn't make for a comprehensive discussion, but whatever. I was mostly just excited to hear these men speak in person. They could have read me the Yellow Pages for all I care.

In the end my Halloween was no where near what I expected it to be. Yet, somehow way better than what I had imagined. Funny how that works out. I hope you all had a WONDERFUL and safe Halloweekend. 

What did you do for the holiday? Did you wear a costume?

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