Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Lewis & Clark and My Team

All year long I try to be reflective and thankful for the blessings around me. November is an opportunity to share my thanks with others so I wanted to do a Thanksgiving series this month. I decided to post once a week on Thursdays discussing a larger topic as opposed to every single day in hope that my writing will be a more thought through and in depth. 

This week I want to talk about going to school at Lewis & Clark College and my debate team. I talk about both these things quite often, because they are very important to my life right now. My undergrad years have been completely defined by coming to school at LC and deciding to debate. There have been multiple times where I have questioned if coming here was the right choice or if spending my time debating was what I actually want. In the end I realize that those choices have surrounded me with some of the most amazing people I know and I am genuinely happier than I have ever been before.

Photo via PDX|Cept

My freshman year of high school I began looking online at colleges. In Eastern Oregon the number of people who end up going to college is lower than in most areas and the majority of those who do seek higher education attend a regional state school. The idea of attending an expensive and competitive private school is more rare. When I set my sights on Lewis & Clark I received alot of snarky yeah, good luck with that! comments. 

When I found out about Lewis & Clark I instantly fell in love with it's beauty (LC is always ranked in the top 5 most beautiful schools in the nation!). I remember staying up late looking at pictures of LC with my mom, but subconsciously telling myself not to get disappointed when my application gets rejected. For four years I dreamed about LC, but never expected to be accepted. I was in Italy when I recieved my "Welcome to Lewis & Clark" email, and it was one of the proudest moments of my life. My parents still have my acceptance letter framed and hanging on the wall. It's not that Lewis & Clark is Harvard by any means, but for my family and I it was a big dream that somehow I was lucky enough to achieve. 

Attending school here has been the best decision of my life thus far. The academics are more rigorous than expected and that has encouraged me to learn more than I would have at another school. It also helps that my professors are so supportive. They remember things about me from semester to semester and know what my academic strengths are and push me to overcome my flaws. 

Hands down the best part of my undergrad experience (and probably life thus far, honestly) has been being a part of LC's debate team. I talk about it all the time, because my life is focused around my teammates and our tournaments. The people are super weird, but they're my family. I have hated each of them at points yet love them always. Each member of the team has done something to help me become the person I am now. I am more outgoing, confident, and intelligent than I would be if I had to go through college without their support.
This is the team in 2012 at our annual Christmas party.

This is my eight year of doing debate and still every round teaches me something. I consider myself somewhat intelligent and that is 75% because of debate. The activity itself is really beneficial for me, but most of all it's just really fun. For my last semester I am starting a new partnership with a girl I've never debated with before. Together we should be successful, but regardless of that I know we will have tons of fun together. (There may or may not be matching American flag trucker hats involved...)
Sarah, my partner this semester, and I debating in our favorite round we ever had together.

I am not sure how I became lucky enough to be at Lewis & Clark, but I am thankful for it every single day. 

Other bloggers have been writing Thanksgiving posts that I love reading. If you have posted something similar please share! If not, what are you most thankful for this holiday season?

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