Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Go Too Far

This post is pretty far off subject, but consuming my life right now. Hopefully some people have been through similar experiences and can provide a word or two of advice

Finals are approaching and that means so is my final semester of college. Come Mother's Day weekend I will walk on stage to receive a diploma in front of my family. The closer graduation day comes the more I question what it means to be a college graduate. Where will these four years of dedication and hard work lead me? Will that diploma be enough for someone to give me a chance, or should I take the GRE and go to grad school? What type of jobs am I qualified for? These questions have my head spinning. 

I love studying Rhetoric & Media Studies. My strongest skill is my ability to think critically and analyze problems -- a skill I think is very valuable. When it comes to applying the credentials of a Rhetoric & Media Studies degree to the job market I get a bit nervous. I am no longer interested in journalism or public relations. I am not sure exactly what I want to do, but it's hard for me to confidently apply for jobs that aren't directly related to my major. Plenty of people find careers outside their field of study, but how? The journey to where I want to be isn't the straight path I had planned when I was a freshman, and there is no roadmap directing me there. 

The longer I ignore job applications the more I become scared. I know it's time to polish my resumé and contact potential employeers. However the idea of rejection is intimidating. What if no one sees me as potentially valuable? I basically have myself convinced that I should set my sights on Starbucks (although that might not be a bad idea ... #StarbucksLuvr). The reality of it is even if no one wants to hire me I have to try. I have to accept the possibility of rejection if I want any chance of meeting my dreams. It sounds cliché (because it is), but my chance of succeeding relies on finding the courage to accept failure. Some employers won't be persuaded by my application, but hopefully some will. I have a feeling if I do find a good job I will quickly forget about all the times I was turned down. 

But still ... applying for jobs is scary. I can be positive, but I won't understand the reality of career searching until I face the process. There is no way to know if how high I should set my goals.  My currently place of comfort is to apply for jobs I know my degree 100% qualifies me for and ignoring competitive positions. Am I trying to go too far?

The truth is I don't know the answer to the questions my head is spinning over. In fact, I'm not even sure where to find those answers. What I do know is that I am prepared to navigate myself through adulthood with confidence the support of those around me. Success is out there somewhere and even though I may fail before I find it, through following God's Grace I know I can get there.

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