Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lilly For Target

The other day I received an influx of texts from friends asking if I had heard the announcement about Target's upcoming Lilly Pulitzer line. Target and Lilly are two of my favorite things so I am ecstatic. Carly from the College Prepster went to the big release event in NYC and posted some insight about the line, which confirmed my excitement. The clothes look adorable but I'm most looking forward to the unique dinnerware and decor.

This table setting has my heart:
The College Prepster

Not all Lilly lovers shared my excitement. This surprised me. Apparently part of the the line's appeal is being elite and snobby - or something like that.

This reaction seems fairly ridiculous.

It's disappointing that anyone would be against the clothes becoming more accessible.

I will admit Lilly is overpriced and I generally refuse to buy it full price, but it isn't terribly exclusive to be honest. Thousands of middle-class females across the United States own neon shift dresses. Target has yet to release the line's prices, but it's unlikely that they'll be cheap. I imagine dresses will be around $60 if not more, which is substantially cheaper than $300+ but close to popular re-sell value.

More importantly, if you're interest in Lilly is related to price-related exclusivity you should re-evaluate your priorities. Fashion shouldn't be about finances. It should be about style, self-expression, and happiness. In a recent article Lisa Birnbach, author of The Preppy Handbook and True Prep, stated that she believes Lilly herself would be very happy about the increased availability of the line:

“What surprises me—besides how emotional and snobby people are being about this—is that I don’t think Lilly Pulitzer would be disappointed at all,” Birnbach told “I think she’d probably be very keen on it. I spent time with her in Palm Beach a few years ago, and she was very pleased that her clothes had become more popular under the new ownership. She was, I think, a Democrat in the social sense of the word.”
If the idea of cheaper Lilly still has you grumpy you can relax. Lilly for Target is just that, Lilly for Target. The main line will still be better quality and iconic prints will still be exclusively at boutiques. No one will mistake your YGR Callahans for being from Target. They will still be as fashionable as before. I honestly can't think of a reason anyone should be upset.

Regardless of how you feel, it's happening so you might as well be excited.

The line consist of over 250 pieces ranging from dresses, scarves, beach wear, and shoes, to decor, and house ware. The Target patterns are different but all embody the classic Lilly vibe - pink, orange, and beachy all over. One of the coolest parts of the line is that it'll be offered in plus sizes which Lilly Pulitzer currently doesn't offer.  EDIT: A few days after announcing the Lilly for Target line Target clarified that they will only offer plus sizes online. This kills a little of the excitement I had for plus sized Lilly. I expect the line's plus size sales will be higher than they originally expected. 

You can find Lilly at your local Target starting on April 19.

How do you feel about Lilly being at Target? What are you most or least looking forward to? 

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