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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oregon State Fair

My life is on track to be back to normal. Summer is over and school has started. I'm officially a senior and determined to have as much fun as possible this year. I'm finally doing all of the things I've said I should do over the past 3 years. First on my list: Oregon State Fair. 

I went with my best friend, Will. Between the animals, food, and music it was a great day for both of us. Here's a look into all the fun we had:

I discovered the deep love I have for Eastern Oregon over the summer. It truly is my home. Coming back to Portland for school always makes me homesick for the first couple weeks, but after having an amazing summer in the country this time it's extra difficult. The fair was a great way to bring home to the city. My friend and I spent quite awhile looking at the animals and watching them be showed. It's so fun watching so many talented kids work with their beautiful animals.

When I decided to go to the State Fair I just planned on consuming thousands and thousands of delicious calories. The first thing we did after awwing over the animals for a bit was grab some grub. We had lunch from Mt. Angel Sausage Co. Will and I both had bratwursts (he had his with a bun, I had mine without) smothered in sauerkraut and onions as well as a side of curly fries. If you're ever around Mt. Angel definitely stop by their restaurant. So delicious.

For sweet treats we stopped by the Umpqua Ice-Cream booth. I had a huckleberry cheesecake cone. 

... I was really excited about this ice-cream. They better sell this stuff in stores.

One of the exhibit hauls had a giant Umatilla County display. I'm from Morrow County, not Umatilla, but it's still part of my homeland. It was heartwarming to chat and bond with people over being from Eastern Oregon. I just already miss that place so much. 

In North Eastern Oregon we have two things to brag about: the Pendleton Round-Up, and Hermiston watermelons. Will always thought I was exaggerating how much folks love watermelon out in Eastern Oregon until we went to the Umatilla County exhibit. From free watermelon to a watermelon seed spitting competition there was watermelon  fun everywhere. 

Of course there was lots related to the round-up. It was neat to look at all of the old photos and artifacts. We spent quite a bit of time there ... mostly because the exhibit haul is a nice break from the heat.

I was pretty stoked to find this Morrow County banner. Gotta stay true to your roots. #MoCo4Lyfe

We were lucky enough to attend the fair on one of the days that James Drury (The Virginian) was visiting.  He told lots of good stories about filming the show and  stayed a gentleman when answering questions about some of the ladies from the show. There were probably 75 people listening to him speak and, no exaggeration, Will and I were the only people there under probably 50. Classic. 
Soon thereafter we called it dinner time. There were numerous BBQ places to eat, but we chose Adam's Smokehouse because it seemed to have the most competitive prices. It was also tucked away from the crowd by a nice shaded area with a Bluegrass band playing nearby--score. I had ribs and there grilled corn. It was so good. Probably the best ribs I've had outside the Midwest and Texas. I'm not sure which was messier the corn or the ribs, but I was a mess by the time I was done. Hopefully I'll be able to visit their restaurant in Salem soon.

A major reason for attending the fair on the day we did was because Chirs Young (see: my boyfriend) was performing that night. I found this out well after VIP tickets were sold out so our plan was to get in line early for the best free seats. Gates opened at 5:45 (concert at 6:45) so we got in line at about 5:00 and were able to sit in the first seats available behind the VIP section.

Before getting in line we went and had a mixed drink. Literally the weakest drink I've had in my [almost] six months of being 21. My Pendleton and diet might as well have just been diet. After that we stuck to beer which is my suggestion. (Also excuse this gross picture of me. It was a long and hot day.)

The concert was great, as expected. Even though I have already watched him open for George Strait I was crazy giddy the entire time. Like I said, we sat pretty close which was awesome. Before Chris sang "Who I am With You" a guy proposed to his girlfriend on stage. Chris was super adorable about. Just saying but the bar for proposing has been set high...

That was my experience at the state fair! If you're able to visit the Oregon State Fair next year I highly recommend it. I am not one for carnival games and rides but there's plenty of that for those of you who are interested! Were any of you able to visit your local fair this year?

And incase you were wondering about my tunic, it's from Ariat and you can buy it here :)

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